Losing my best friend was one of the best things that ever happened to me…

Guest blog post by Meegan Winters | Co-Founder/CEO | Able Eyes

Almost 4 years ago I lost my dear friend Jessica as a result of her lifelong battle with Muscular Dystrophy. Muscular Dystrophy is a genetic condition that results in weakening and deterioration of muscles in the body.

Jessica spent her whole life in a wheelchair, watching others experience things she knew she never could. Fortunately, she was born into the most amazing family ever! They never ever let “disability” impact her experiences in life (or her brother’s, who also has MD). They took several family vacations, included her in community events, had wild and crazy parties at their house, and even had the courage to send her off to Central Michigan University where she nearly completed her Master’s degree.

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Jacob’s Journey… How Far He Has Come

Guest blog post by Karen Franco | Author, Speaker, Special Needs Advocate | Karen Franco Books

When you hear the word “special” it can mean many things, in the case of my son, Jacob, it means living in a world that is truly his own and helping him cope with the world around him. Jacob has a genetic abnormality. He is missing a piece of his 4th chromosome, which has led to cognitive and developmental delays. Along with the chromosomal abnormality, Jacob exhibited autistic tendencies and was later diagnosed with Autism.

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