“My sister, Sarah, who has Down syndrome, has impacted my life in so many ways, including what I do professionally. Because my family planned for her abilities, she has had many opportunities to live a life of purpose where she impacts people every day. I believe that YOUR CHILD also has the ability to be impactful and I encourage you to view special needs planning as the vehicle that enables your child to live a life of purpose and impact.”

Phillip C. Clark
Founder and President
ENABLE Special Needs Planning


At ENABLE Special Needs Planning, LLC, we believe that everyone has the ability to be impactful in the lives of others. This ability is what gives each of us a sense of purpose in life.

Phillip Clark, Founder and President, created ENABLE thanks to the positive influence of his younger sister, Sarah, who has Down syndrome.

Phillip began his career in the financial services industry with the intention of helping families with children with Special Needs Plan for their futures. He quickly realized that the industry’s standard approach to Special Needs Planning was very different from the way his family had planned for his sister’s life.

Traditional Special Needs Planning only helps families prepare for what will happen to their child when the parents are no longer around to provide for him or her. While creating a transition plan is absolutely essential, Phillip knew that the primary purpose of Special Needs Planning should be finding ways for individuals with special needs to live purposeful, impactful lives every day, based upon their own unique abilities, dreams, and goals.

With his desire to better serve families with children with special needs, Phillip founded ENABLE, a company that helps families create comprehensive plans for their children, tailored to their unique abilities, which allow them to thrive each and every day of their lives.

How We Serve

At ENABLE, we guide families through five areas of planning so that they can create a truly comprehensive Special Needs Plan for their loved one. Having such a plan in place provides parents with peace of mind, knowing that their family, including their child with special needs, is well planned for today, and in the future.

A comprehensive Special Needs Plan includes the following five areas:

  1. VISION – A Vision Plan describes what a great life for your child looks like. This includes your hopes and dreams for their life as well as their own hopes and dreams for the future. Your Vision Plan guides every other step of your planning journey.
  2. LIFE – A Life Plan documents important details about your family and your child, describes your child’s daily routines, serves as a benchmarking tool to show annual progress, and functions as a transition guide in the future.
  3. RESOURCE – A Resource Plan determines the services, organizations, and individuals who can assist with fulfilling the hopes and dreams of your loved one’s Vision Plan and meet the current needs assessed by their Life Plan.
  4. FINANCIAL – A Financial Plan provides strategies to pay for the services your Resource Plan determined are necessary to achieve the goals of your loved ones Vision and Life Plans. It also addresses the challenge of how to provide financially for your child when you are no longer able to do so.
  5. LEGAL – A Legal Plan controls, protects, and transfers your assets according to your wishes (during your lifetime and after your death) so that your child has access to the resources necessary to live a great life. It also ensures that the Comprehensive Special Needs Plan that you have created continues to be fulfilled, even when you are no longer able to make decisions.

The ENABLE Special Needs Planning System

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