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  • Identify some unique abilities your child possesses that will allow him or her to live out a life of purpose
  • Discover your unique reason(s) for planning
  • Identify easy opportunities that you can take advantage of TODAY to improve your child's life
  • Identify the challenges standing in your way and simple ways to begin overcoming these challenges
  • Develop a road map for your easy and successful planning journey
  • Share how ENABLE serves families, including discussing our FIVE essential areas of planning (Vision, Life, Resource, Financial, Legal)
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  • Learn how ENABLE can help you easily create a plan that allows your child to live a happy and fulfilling life
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Parents of children with special needs are often worried about the future. 

They wonder who would step in to love and care for their child if they were no longer able to do so. They feel overwhelmed trying to keep track of all the details swirling around inside their heads—doctors, therapies, medications, IEPs, government benefits–the list goes on and on.

Special needs parents long for their children to succeed in school, find a job that fits their abilities, and build meaningful social connections. They are concerned that they might not be able to afford all of the resources to help their children truly thrive and enjoy a happy, fulfilling life. Planning for the future can often feel impossible because parents barely have time to plan for today!

Some families have tried working with advisors to get organized and create a plan, but they’ve had bad previous experiences with planning professionals.

Other families have tried planning on their own—they’ve gone to workshops, conferences, and searched online for help—but have found themselves overwhelmed by all the information available and frustrated and confused by the planning process.

80% of families do not have a comprehensive plan for their family—or their child with special needs.

Because they don’t have a plan, these families don’t have peace of mind. They aren’t confident that their child will live a happy life. And they often toss and turn at night, worrying about what the future is going to be like for their child—and their entire family.

Does planning really have to be so difficult?

We don’t think so.

So we provide families simple solutions and a unique approach to special needs planning.

At ENABLE, we help you create a comprehensive plan for your entire family—including your son or daughter with special needs—that focuses on your abundant vision for a happy and fulfilling life. While we thoroughly prepare your family for all of life’s uncertainties, we remain focused on helping you create a plan that works for your family today—and every day in the future.

Our five-step planning system and online planning portal easily guide families like yours through a comprehensive planning process, including vision, life, resource, financial, and legal planning.

Our team at ENABLE has taken the guesswork out of special needs planning and made it easy for families to provide their children with every opportunity to live a life that allows them to reach their full potential.

The true benefit of working with ENABLE is having a team of experts guiding you every step of the way. The ENABLE planning process provides families with peace of mind because they know that they’re doing everything possible to plan for a great life and future for their entire family!

Phillip Clark founded ENABLE Special Needs Planning thanks to the positive impact of his younger sister, Sarah, who has Down syndrome.

Having begun his career in the planning industry, Phillip quickly realized the standard approach to special needs planning only focused on preparing families for what happens when the parents pass away and can no longer take care of their son or daughter with special needs.

As a proud older brother of a sister with special needs, he knew this style of planning wasn’t good enough and that his sister–and families like his–deserved a way to plan that focused on allowing their loved ones to live happy and fulfilling lives TODAY…and every day in the future.

For over a decade, Phillip has been helping families with their special needs planning. Today, ENABLE serves families with all different types of special needs in every state across America.

A sample of places that Phillip and ENABLE have been featured include:




Your FREE no obligation consultation with ENABLE includes:



Discussion of your family's current situation and future goals

This will help you assess areas where you're already well planned and areas where there's room for improvement

Clarification of your vision for your child's best life

This will help you understand why you might want to begin planning in the first place and what exactly it is that you're planning for

Discussion of your child's abilities that will allow him or her to live a happy and fulfilling life

This will help you focus your planning process on your child's unique hopes, goals, and dreams

Identification of some simple opportunities to improve your child's life today

This will help you make immediate progress by taking easy next steps in your planning journey

Identification of some current challenges your family faces and simple steps to overcome these challenges

This will help you understand where you might need a little help to make progress with your planning

Explanation of how ENABLE serves families, including a description of the five areas of planning (Vision, Life, Resource, Financial, Legal)

This will help you assess whether partnering with ENABLE would benefit your family as you plan for the future


In addition to chatting with Phillip about all of the previously mentioned aspects of your special needs planning journey, ENABLE would like to provide you with a special bonus gift after your consultation—our Ultimate Guide to Special Needs Planning —to help you take the next step with your planning journey.

special needs planning

In the Ultimate Guide, you will learn how to:

  • Develop a clear vision of what a GREAT life should look like for your loved one with special needs
  • Record every essential detail about your loved one in a clear, organized document to assist temporary caregivers or future guardians
  • Connect with the right individuals, organizations, and resources to enable your loved one to live a purposeful, impactful life
  • Prepare financially so that your entire family, including your loved one with special needs, can feel secure
  • Protect your entire plan with effective legal strategies

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