Free Special Needs Planning System

How do I save for my child’s future?

Do I need a Special Needs Trust? An ABLE Account? Both?

How do I make sure the money I’m saving doesn’t limit my child’s ability to receive government benefits?

What happens if I’m not here?

Who would take care of my child? How would they have the resources to do so?

Our Foundational Planning System helps families develop and implement strategies that answer these questions – and many more.

Life is uncertain. The current global pandemic we’re all living through has made that abundantly clear. In such tough times, we know how important it is to have a plan that lets you feel in control today and prepared for whatever happens next.

To help you now, we’re waiving the entire cost of our Foundational Planning System so that you can put every available dollar toward your family’s security (not our planning fees)!

We’ve seen how devastating not having a plan can be for families. We’re giving you the opportunity to take the first step to create a plan for your family and child with special needs—completely FREE OF CHARGE.

Everyday families tell us they feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused.

Do you find yourself feeling the same way?

Our Foundational Planning System helps families achieve peace of mind about today and the future.

Moving from a sense of uncertainty to a sense of peace is easier than you would ever imagine and begins with a simple first step.

Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of this FREE limited-time offer to lay the foundation for your family’s current security and abundant future.