Jason Hessler, J.D., CFP

Jason Hessler, J.D., CFP

Attorney & Financial Advisor

I am an attorney and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®. I have spent 22 years growing trust and wealth management companies in the Midwest and Mountain West. My approach is to help the whole client, not just to help in one area or to provide a product.

Not only do I help clients create and grow wealth but I also make sure they are well protected. This is where my law experience is invaluable to my clients for will’s, trusts, and comprehensive estate planning.

I graduated from Purdue University with my Bachelor of Science degree in Financial Planning and Counseling and obtained my Juris Doctor from Indiana University McKinney School of Law. 

My wife teaches and we have three sons together: Owen, William and Luke. 

I love coaching baseball, with multiple championships under my belt. I also enjoy practicing martial arts and am an avid reader. I even built a log cabin in my basement. Be sure to ask me about it!