Phillip Clark

Phillip Clark

Founder & President

Growing up on a family farm, I learned the importance of integrity and a strong work ethic early in life. While my family and friends have influenced my personal values over the years, no one has matched the influence of my younger sister Sarah, who has Down Syndrome. Now a young adult, Sarah works at an elementary school tutoring young children in reading and other areas.

I watched my parents make sacrifices that gave Sarah the opportunities to grow in her confidence and capabilities. And I’m blessed that they had the foresight to plan for Sarah’s unique potential, while still giving my youngest sister, Grace, and I the attention and love of any parent who may not be in this same circumstance. They understood the importance of flexibility in their planning and always placed Sarah’s future independence at the heart of any financial decision.

My personal experience with special needs planning has given me the ability to help my clients proactively plan for their child’s future with a sense of purpose, optimism and endless possibilities. An intentional approach, combined with meaningful financial and legal solutions, can allow a family to focus on the incredible gift a special needs child can be. I’m honored that they choose me to be one of their most trusted advisors.

I believe that everyone has the potential and the ability to be impactful in others’ lives. Being impactful is what gives individuals a strong sense of purpose in life.

I have experienced as a Special Olympics Track and Field Coach, board member and tutor at Gigi’s Playhouse, and volunteer at Down Syndrome Indiana. I also created Beyond Muscle: Because Fitness Isn’t Limited, an exercise and nutrition program designed specifically for individuals with special needs.

I live just outside of Indianapolis in the suburb of Carmel, with my wife, Chelsea, and my infant daughter, Emma. We are actively involved at Mercy Road Church.