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The Life Plan is an important element of your comprehensive Special Needs Plan as it documents important details about your family and your child (including your child’s daily routines), serves as a bench-marking tool to show annual progress, and functions as a transition guide in the future.

Section 1: Information About Your Child/Loved

  • One with Special Needs
  • Birth Information
  • Clothing and Shoe Sizes
  • Daily Routine Information
  • Times and Preferences
  • Hygiene Habits
  • Meals and Dietary Requirements
  • Personality Traits
  • Leisure and Recreation
  • …and more!

Section 2: Health History and Medical Records for Your Child/Loved One with Special Needs

  • Diagnoses
  • Physical Abilities
  • Allergies and Other Dietary Needs
  • Medications
  • Devices
  • Medical Professionals
  • Medical Insurances
  • …and more!

Section 3: Government Benefit Information for Your Child/Loved One with Special Needs

  • Federal Benefits and Services
  • Income Benefits
  • Medical Benefits
  • Housing Benefits
  • State and Private Benefits and Services
  • …and more!

Section 4: Information About Your Family

  • Information about Parent(s)
  • Information about Sibling(s)
  • Legal Relationships
  • …and more!

Section 5: Your Transition Plan

  • In Case of Emergency
  • Vision for Your Child’s Life When You’re No Longer Able to Care for Him or Her
  • Key Milestones and Major Life Transitions
  • …and more!

The Life Plan is accessible inside of the ENABLE Special Needs Planning portal (included with purchase). The interactive tool enables you to create a custom Life Plan for your loved one with Special Needs that is unique to your child and family situations.

Simply log into your planning portal and answer the questions in the five guided sections. Then our team will create and upload a personalized Life Plan PDF to the My Account section of your planning portal within a week.


**PLEASE EMAIL OUR TEAM at to purchase this option with payment plan.**


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