How prepared is your family for the future?

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The unfortunate reality is that only about 20 percent of families have a plan for their family’s future.

That means that 4 out of every 5 families in your parent support group do NOT have a plan for their child or their family.

4 out of 5! 

What about your family?

Are you part of the 20% who feel:

  • Prepared—because they have a comprehensive plan for their entire family’s abundant future?
  • Confident—because they know that their plan will allow their child to live a happy life and thrive?
  • Peace of mind—because they know that their plan will be successful, no matter what happens in the future?

Or are you part of the 80% who feel:

  • Worried about your child’s future?
  • Overwhelmed by the seemingly too complex and confusing planning process?
  • Concerned that you might not be able to afford all the resource to help your child truly thrive?
  • Stuck—because planning for your family’s future feels impossible because you barely have time to plan for today?

When it comes to having a plan for the future, being part of the majority isn’t a GOOD thing.

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