The ENABLE Special Needs Planning System


Have you ever worried about your child’s future? Wondered who would step in to love and care for him or her if you were no longer able to do so? Are you overwhelmed trying to keep track of all the details swirling around inside your head — doctors, therapies, medications, IEPs, government benefits? Do you long for your child to succeed in school, find a job that fits their abilities, and build meaningful social connections? Are you concerned that you might not be able to afford all of the resources to help your child truly thrive? Does planning for the future feel impossible because you barely have time to plan for today?

Most parents of children with special needs struggle with these same questions.
You’re not alone and the ENABLE 5-Step System will help you address these concerns and many more!

Step 1. The VISION Plan
Create a clear vision for your child’s best possible life. This vision will guide and direct every other step of your planning process.

Step 2. The LIFE Plan
Easily record, access, and update all the essential details about your child—doctors, therapists, medications, IEPs, important relationships, likes/dislikes, daily routines, etc.—using the fully-guided, interactive life plan tool our team developed. Never again have to rack your brain for key details, simply look them up in your child’s life plan. Achieve peace of mind knowing that a babysitter—or future caregiver—has everything they need to care for your child, in your absence.

Step 3. The RESOURCE Plan
Sit back and relax while our team analyzes the resources you’re currently connected with for potential gaps. We’ll let you know if there are any additional organizations, individuals, or services you should seek out to help you and your child move toward your vision for a great life.

Step 4. The FINANCIAL Plan
Let the experienced financial planning professionals on our team assess your current financial situation. We will recommend strategies that will allow both your family’s financial future – and your son or daughter’s financial future – to be secure. Already have a financial advisor you like working with? Not a problem. Our team will provide an expert-perspective second opinion on your special needs financial plan with no obligation to implement strategies with us.

Step 5. The LEGAL Plan
Use the resources our team has developed to educate yourself about relevant legal considerations—wills, trusts, guardianship, etc. Feel empowered and prepared to create the necessary legal documents to protect your family. Then let our team introduce you to a qualified special needs planning attorney who we’ve prescreened and determined is fully competent to help you with your legal needs.

Gain Peace of Mind. Feel Secure.

When all five areas of planning are aligned and working together, you and your family can relax knowing that your future is well planned for. You’ll also be able to provide every opportunity for your son or daughter with special needs to live a purposeful and impactful life today – and every day in the future.

To make the planning process as easy, efficient, and affordable as possible, the ENABLE Special Needs Planning System includes a secure, interactive, online planning portal that allows families to create a comprehensive Special Needs Plan from the ease and comfort of their own homes.

Plan with ENABLE!

Option #1

Comprehensive 5-Step Planning System = $297/month (for 12 months)*

(INCLUDES Vision Plan, Life Plan, Resource Plan, Financial Plan, Legal Plan prep, Family Transition Plan)

(EXCLUDES wills, trusts, powers of attorney, special needs trust)

Option #2

Not sure you’re ready for comprehensive planning but want to make sure your family feels in control today and prepared for the future? Check out our Foundational Planning System. You can always add additional components to your plan in the future.

Foundational Planning System = $100/month (for 12 months)*

(INCLUDES Financial Plan and Legal Plan prep)


Vision Plan = $500

Life Plan = $9.97/month (on-going subscription)

Resource Plan = $1,000

Legal Plan = $3,000
(INCLUDES wills, trusts, powers of attorney, special needs trust)

Family Transition Plan = $1,500

*After first 12 month, renewal rate determined based on services still needed.