Gain Peace of Mind. Feel Secure.

The purpose of planning is to feel in control of today and at peace about the future. Let our team of expert special needs consultants guide you through the process, ensuring that your vision of success is aligned with the right strategies for your family.


Allow experienced financial professionals to assess your current financial situation. They will recommend and help you implement strategies that enable both your family’s financial future – and your son or daughter’s financial future – to be secure.

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Feel empowered to create the legal documents necessary to protect your family (e.g., wills, trusts, powers of attorney) using the resources our team has developed. Then work with a qualified special needs planning attorney who will develop your legal documents (e.g., special needs trust, wills).


Let our team facilitate a fun and engaging strategy session where we will help you consider and create a clear vision for your child’s best possible life. This vision will guide and direct every other planning decision you make now — and in the future.

(You may want to include other family members, friends, and support staff, too.)


Is your child currently receiving SSI, SSDI, medicaid waiver dollars, and/or other important government benefits? Unsure which benefits they are eligible for or how to apply to receive them? Struggling with your record-keeping or concerned that the money you’re saving may limit my child’s ability to receive government benefits in the future?

Let our team help you understand which benefits your child may be eligible for now — and in the future. We will review your child’s current government benefit package to ensure that he or she is receiving every benefit they are eligible for.

If there are additional government benefits that your child could be receiving but isn’t currently, we will help you understand how to apply to receive these essential benefits.

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Sit back and relax while our team analyzes the resources you’re currently connected with for potential gaps. We’ll let you know if there are any additional organizations, individuals, or services you should seek out to help you and your child move toward your vision for a great life.


Easily record, access, and update all the essential details about your child—doctors, therapists, medications, IEPs, important relationships, likes/dislikes, daily routines, etc.—using the fully-guided, interactive life plan tool our team developed.

Never again have to rack your brain for key details, simply look them up in your child’s life plan. Achieve peace of mind knowing that a babysitter—or future caregiver—has everything they need to care for your child, in your absence.


Let our team facilitate a group discussion session with all key family members and friends who are currently involved in your child’s life — or will be in the future (e.g., siblings, grandparents, teachers, therapists, support staff, future guardians, future trustees).

We will help you share relevant details of your plan for your son or daughter’s GREAT life with these key individuals to ensure that everyone understands your hopes, goals, and plans for today — and the future.

Ask Me Anything” Consulting Calls

Don’t need a specific service option from our menu but have questions you need answered right now? Chat one-on-one with ENABLE’s Founder & President, Phillip Clark, about anything that’s on your mind!

With fifteen years of experience in the special needs planning industry (and a lifetime of experience as a sibling of an individual with special needs), Phillip can help answer your questions and provide solutions to the problems you’re facing.

Both phone and video-conference options are available for the consulting sessions.

For more information or to purchase, book a FREE Strategy Session with ENABLE.

Start Planning Now – So That You Can Provide Your Son Or Daughter The Opportunity To Live A Purposeful And Impactful Life Today – And Every Day In The Future.