Financial Planning

Financial Planning

The Financial Plan is an important element of your Comprehensive Special Needs Plan that does three main things:

  1. It provides the means to pay for the goals you have created in your loved one’s Vision Plan, and
  2. It addresses the challenges of how to provide the resources needed, as determined by your Resource Plan.
  3. It answers the concern of how to provide for your child for his/her lifetime, when you are not here to provide for them.

You Financial Plan provides the strategies you need to provide the best possible life for your child now—and throughout his or her entire life. When combined with the Resource Plan and Legal Plan, your Financial Plan will help your child fulfill the hopes and dreams of their Vision Plan and reach the destination you’ve envisioned for him or her.

In our experience, we have found that many families delay creating a Financial Plan—not because they view it as unimportant—but because they feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused by the process.

When our team at ENABLE Special Needs Planning works with families going through the Financial Plan stage of the planning process, our intention is to make their planning as easy, efficient, and affordable as possible, so that the families we serve feel well-prepared for their futures.

Our team created an interactive Financial Plan tool that will walk you through a series of key questions to evaluate your current level of financial preparedness. After completing the inventory, one of our trusted advisors will reach out to schedule a follow-up telephone call or online meeting to discuss your needs and provide recommendations for creating your personalized Financial Plan.

We highly encourage families to update their loved one’s Financial Plan every year, as key details are likely to change over time.

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