Resource Planning

Resource Planning

The Resource Plan is an important element of your Comprehensive Special Needs Plan that answers the question, ‘Which services, organizations, and individuals should we seek out now and in the future to make your vision of a great life for your child a reality?’

Because every individual is unique in their abilities and needs, no two Resource Plans will be exactly the same. Also, since individuals’ abilities and needs change over time, your Resource Plan will continue evolving as your child grows and develops.

  • For some individuals, physical and occupational therapies may be most important resources to connect with immediately.
  • Other individuals might benefit from engaging with organizations that offer job and social skills training programs.
  • Still others may benefit most by participating in innovative therapies (e.g., art, music, aquatic, or horseback-riding therapy) to improve self-esteem and emotional expression.

Remember, your Vision Plan describes your destination, while your Resource Plan shows you the best route to get you there, while offering strategies to redirect after detours and to overcome obstacles in your path.

To create your Resource Plan, our team will analyze the information you provide in your child’s Vision and Life Plans and provide recommendations about services, organizations, and individuals you should connect with to help your child learn, grow, and excel. We will also put you in direct contact with an organization in your geographical area who will assist you with securing all of the services we recommend for your child.

We highly encourage families to update their loved one’s Resource Plan every six to 12 months as key details are likely to change over time.

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