Vision Planning

Vision Planning

The Vision Plan is an essential element of your Comprehensive Special Needs Plan as it describes your child’s great life, including your hopes and dreams and his or her hopes and dreams for the future.

Your Vision Plan will guide the remainder of your entire Comprehensive Special Needs Planning process, and will include questions such as:

  • What are your hopes and dreams for your child’s abundant life?
  • What abilities do you see in him or her that you want to encourage and nurture?
  • What does a great life for your child look like now, in 10-15 years, and in 25+ years?

We highly encourage families to update their loved one’s Vision Plan every year as key details are likely to change over time.

Our team has developed an interactive Vision Plan tool to help you create a custom Vision Plan for your loved one with Special Needs that is unique to your child and family situations.

To learn more about Vision Planning, check out our blog post Vision Planning: What’s Your Vision of a Great Life for Your Child?

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