Create a Plan for the Unexpected

photoDock.jpgMike Tyson was once quoted saying, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

It is that time of year in which many of us are looking back at our successes and challenges of 2015. Through that reflection, we are evaluating how well we kept our focus of the intentions that we set for the year. As well as remembering the accomplishments and challenges of the past, most of us are planning for and anticipating a successful upcoming year. Whether we are working on a detailed business plan for 2016 or just listing a few significant goals we have in our lives for the year, we must think about the above quote.

What happens when life punches us in the mouth? What happens when things don’t go the way that we had planned? Does it completely derail us from the things that we need to do in sticking with our plan?

From experience, we all know that dreaming up the plan and goals for an upcoming year can be fun and exciting. But we also understand that life presents unexpected challenges that make our goals and intentions more difficult to accomplish than anticipated. I believe we must have a plan for the unexpected and know where our source of strength and perseverance comes from when life gets difficult.

Where do we find our strength to push through struggling times so that we can keep our focus on the necessary tasks that will result in achieving our intentions?

  • Our personal faith?
  • Our family and friends who love us and believe in us?
  • Inspirational and motivating books or podcasts?
  • Maybe all three?

I encourage everyone as they set out to have their most successful year yet, have a plan for finding strength and perseverance for when the intentions you have set for yourself seem impossible.  Alongside the amazing goals each of us have for the year, having a plan to re-align ourselves with our intentions will create more opportunity for success.



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