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Guest blog post by Ryan Wolfe, President, Ability Ministry

While an emerging area, the field of “Disability Ministry” is still in its infancy. However, at Ability Ministry, we are proud to say that we have been actively reaching out to the disability community for over 30 years! Our non-profit roots reach back all the way to 1981, when one man saw a need and decided to do something to meet that need. To this day we are working diligently to continue to meet need here in America – and beyond.

The mission of Ability Ministry is to “equip and empower disability ministry for churches, families, and individuals affected by disabilities helping them to become who God has created them to be.”

One of the ways we equip and empower is through free consultation. That’s right, I said FREE. Each case is customized to the unique makeup of the church or organization and community, because no two places are the same. Here’s what Mike Napier, from Choateville Christian Church in Kentucky, had to say about his consultation experience:

“I didn’t have a clue what I was doing… or how to go about it… I just knew something had to be done… That’s why I am so thankful for what you and the rest of your team are doing in this area of ministry!”

Beyond consultation, we work hard at resourcing people with the tools they need to be successful. Equipping and empowering are the centerpieces of our website. Here’s what Meagan Clark, a librarian, had to say about the resources provided on our website:

“I can’t thank you enough for the work you do to help people with disabilities and to build much-needed community and support. The resources I found here are fantastic. As a librarian, I’ve staked my career in helping empower people with stories and knowledge, and I’m so grateful to find others who share that vision.”

What kind of resources will you find on our website? Sermons, blogs, videos, training videos, recommended readings, helpful links, free downloadable documents, curricula, and original books – to name a few!

We, at Ability Ministry, have loved getting to know Phillip C. Clark and ENABLE Special Needs Planning. Our organizations share a passion for fighting against hopelessness as we seek to empower individuals and families in the disability community. We look forward to deepening our relationship and working together to bring hope and build up the Kingdom.


*Please Note: ENABLE Special Needs Planning, LLC, is in no way affiliated with Ability Ministry nor does ENABLE receive any monetary benefit from your engagement with Ability Ministry. We are simply sharing this information about the company for your knowledge and potential benefit.

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