Special Needs Planning

What is Special Needs Planning?

At ENABLE, we believe that your child was made on purpose and for a purpose. We also believe that your child has the ability to live an impactful life that makes a positive difference. Therefore, Special Needs Planning should enable you to confidently answer the following questions:

“What does a purposeful and impactful life look like for my child today–and every day in the future?” AND “How do I make sure my child is able to live this GREAT life?”

The ENABLE comprehensive Special Needs Planning process helps you create an abundant life for your child TODAY. It also builds a future for your loved one that is unique and tailored to his or her own abilities, hopes, dreams, and goals.

Do I need a Special Needs Plan?

All families need to plan for the future–typical or otherwise. However, the need to plan now is exponentially more important for families who have a child with special needs.

  • Have the planning conversations you’ve had been focused primarily on your child’s unique hopes, goals, and dreams?
  • Are you confident that your special needs plan was designed so that your child has every opportunity to live a life that allows his or her unique abilities to shine?
  • Are the planning strategies you’ve implemented been selected to ensure that your child can live a GREAT life today, tomorrow, and every day in the future?  

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions—or you’ve hesitated to even begin having these types of planning conversations because you didn’t want to be pushed toward adopting a limited mindset about your child’s future—we need to have a conversation.

What are the five steps to creating a comprehensive special needs plan?

Step 1: Vision Planning

Special Needs Planning: Vision Planning
Vision Planning

The Vision Plan describes what a great life for your child looks like. This includes your hopes and dreams for their life as well as their own hopes and dreams for the future. Your Vision Plan will guide the remainder of your Comprehensive Special Needs Planning process. Learn more…

Step 2: Life Planning

Special Needs Planning: Life Planning
Life Planning

The Life Plan documents important details about your family and your child, describes your child’s daily routines, serves as a bench-marking tool to show annual progress, and functions as a transition guide in the future. Learn more…

Step 3: Resource Planning

Special Needs Planning: Resource Planning
Resource Planning

The Resource Plan determines the services, organizations, and individuals who can assist with fulfilling the hopes and dreams of your loved one’s Vision Plan and meet the current needs assessed by their Life Plan. Learn more…

Step 4: Financial Planning

Special Needs Planning: Financial Planning
Financial Planning

The Financial Plan provides strategies to pay for the services your Resource Plan determined are necessary to achieve the goals of your loved ones Vision and Life Plans. It also addresses the challenge of how to provide financially for your child when you are no longer able to do so. Learn more…

Step 5: Legal Planning*

Special Needs Planning: Legal Planning
Legal Planning

The Legal Plan controls, protects, and transfers your assets according to your wishes– during your lifetime and after your death– so that your child has access to the resources necessary to live a great life. It also ensures that the comprehensive special needs plan that you have created continues to be fulfilled, even when you are no longer able to make decisions. Learn more…

*ENABLE Special Needs Planning, LLC, does not directly provide legal advice or services but guides their clients to appropriate legal resources as needed.

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