Special Needs Legal Planning

Special Needs Legal Planning

The Legal Plan is an important element of your Comprehensive Special Needs Plan that ensures that all of the plans you’ve created for your loved one with special needs—Vision, Life, Resource, and Financial—are carried out according to your wishes and preparations.

When combined with the Resource Plan and Financial Plan, your Legal Plan will help your child fulfill the hopes and dreams of their Vision Plan and reach the destination you’ve envisioned for him or her.

In our experience, we have found that many families delay creating a Legal Plan—not because they view it as unimportant—but because they feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused by the process.

While our team at ENABLE Special Needs Planning does not directly provide legal advice or services, our intention is to make the process of creating a Legal Plan as easy, efficient, and affordable as possible, so that the families we serve feel well-prepared for their futures.

To help you create your Legal Plan, we will personally connect you to a law firm and attorney in your geographical area who we have a developed a professional relationship with, who specializes in Special Needs Planning. This individual will assist you in drafting the necessary documents and filing the appropriate paperwork to create your Legal Plan. Additionally, our team at ENABLE Special Needs Planning will help prepare you ahead of time for your meeting(s) with your attorney by providing a list of questions you should discuss within your family before that meeting. We are also happy to address any questions you have as you work with your attorney to create your Legal Plan.

We highly encourage families to update their loved one’s Legal Plan as key details change over time.

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