Family Photo with Special Needs Member

The Biggest Planning Mistake Our Family Made…

Written by: Phillip C. Clark, Founder and President, ENABLE Special Needs Planning

We had the best intentions…

Our family had the best intentions. We strived to create a great future for my younger sister, Sarah, who has Down syndrome, no matter what future events would transpire. For weeks, we endured many hours of emotional conversations. We thoroughly hashed out all of the precise details of our plan. We thought through every pitfall, evaluated every potential problem, and developed strategies to overcome such obstacles so that Sarah could live a purposeful, impactful life.

But we forgot one essential part of the planning process…

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How My Sister is Stamping out Stereotypes, One Student at a Time

Last week, I shared the experience that my sister, Sarah, and I had speaking to a third grade classroom about Down syndrome, disabilities, and how the differences that we all have make life interesting. If you missed the blog post, you can check it out hereContinue reading “How My Sister is Stamping out Stereotypes, One Student at a Time”

What Makes Us Unique?

Yesterday, my sister, Sarah and I had the opportunity to speak to a group of third grade students at St. Thomas Aquinas grade school.  We were asked to share our thoughts and experiences on the differences we all have. We also educated the 8 and 9 years old students on what Down syndrome is and some characteristics of Down syndrome. A couple of them knew someone with Down syndrome. Most did not and were curious to how this made Sarah unique. Through questions that we asked the class, we concluded that there were aspects to each of our lives that make us unique. Being different is something to be proud of. Our differences are what make friendships and life interesting. Continue reading “What Makes Us Unique?”